stallis haikus

could work tech support
for Kmart if I get this
tumblr page to work

short skirts and g-strings
are we at club crazy horse?
no, just Central High.

a missed connection
i was reading on the bus
you were spankin’ it

south central stallis
represent! steady mobbin’
gotta mow da lawn.

that fateful day when
stallis was introduced to
z. cavaricci

fishing for salmon
down by the Kinnickinnic
turd just floated by

The Mitchell Park Domes
remind me of her body
Total Recall chick

frayed cutoff jean shorts
perfect for this type weather
also mesh half-shirt

looking for value
hair product and drug of choice
can’t beat aqua net

Farmer’s Market time
trade my WIC checks for cheap gin
who the fuck needs fruit?

16 yr old chick
booty like pow, boobs like bam
what would jesus do

what would jesus do
on all of these muslim cars
jesus hates muslims

what would jesus do?
he would probably make fun
of the mexicans

what would jesus do?
hit it, then delorean
back in time with doc.